Paul Ryan's retirement is a 'white flag of surrender' for the GOP


Republicans know they're in big trouble this November, and Paul Ryan bailing on Congress proves it.

Speaker Paul Ryan's surprise retirement is an acknowledgement by the Republican Party that they face a bloodbath at the polls in the 2018 election, reports Politico's Tim Alberta.

"Speaker Ryan is well-aware, and has been informed by his top political advisers, that this is going to be seen by some folks as a white flag of surrender," Alberta explained on MSNBC.

Republicans realize "the House majority is already in jeopardy, and that by stepping aside, the speaker is essentially conceding the fact that Democrats will take over the House in November," he added.

Republicans are in trouble.

Thanks in large part to Trump's unpopular presidency, and the Republican Party's refusal to hold him accountable, voters are set to vote them out of power.

More than two dozen Republican members of Congress are retiring ahead of the building blue wave, with Ryan the most prominent of them all, and the election is still seven months away.

The House seat that Ryan himself holds now has as its leading Republican candidate the pro-Nazi Paul Nehlen, a sad statement on the precarious state of the GOP.

Things aren't any better over in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell admitted that Republicans face a "Category 3, 4 or 5" hurricane at the polls. Meanwhile, the Republican Party is furiously trying to attract donors just to hold on to its incredibly slim Senate majority.

Democratic voters, meanwhile, are energized and activated. They have already won seats on their home turf (New Jersey), swing states (Virginia), and in the reddest areas of America (Alabama).

Paul Ryan sees the blue wave coming, as do other Republicans.

Now they're getting out of the way.