Paul Ryan threatens to cancel Christmas to pass tax cuts for Trump and his family


Speaker Paul Ryan wants tax breaks for wealthy Americans like Donald Trump and his family, and now he's threatening to make Congress work through the Christmas holiday to make it happen.

Speaker Paul Ryan is threatening to cancel Christmas and conduct a special session of Congress so that he can pass tax breaks for wealthy families like the Trumps.

Ryan gave a speech to the conservative Heritage Foundation touting the tax scheme he concocted with Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

"We’re going to keep people here for Christmas if we have to," he told the audience of fellow conservatives. "I don’t care. We have to get this done."

The plan cuts taxes for the top 1 percent of individuals and 95 percent of corporations. It would also get rid of the estate tax, which only the wealthiest families currently pay.

Based on Trump's public claims about his wealth — the true details are unknown because he will not release his tax returns — his family would receive a government handout of up to $4 billion if the proposal becomes the law.

At the same time, nearly 69 million Americans would see their taxes go up. That means most of the middle class in America would see a tax hike.

Previously, Ryan said the prospect of this skewed take on taxation made him "really excited" and described it as fulfilling goals he has been working toward "pretty much my adult life."

Conservatives have made a lot of noise over the years about a so-called "War on Christmas." Now, with the prospect of tax cuts for the rich and increases for the rest, Paul Ryan has fired the first real shots.