Pelosi: 'I ask the question, what do the Russians have on Donald Trump?'


What does it mean that the president of the United States does not seem to care that Russia tried to hijack our democracy?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi offered a harsh, but completely fair, assessment of James Comey's Senate testimony, leading her to ask the critical question, "What do the Russians have on Donald Trump?"

Comey's Thursday testimony was absolutely devastating for Donald Trump. Even Fox News host Chris Wallace declared it "very damaging for the president."

One of the most damning revelations was Comey's statement that he could not "remember any conversations with the president about the Russia election interference."

While it is indisputable that Russia tried to influence the outcome of our election, Trump showed no interest in those investigations, the extent of Russia's efforts, or how we remain, as Comey warned, susceptible to future attacks.

During a press conference on Friday, Pelosi asked critical questions about about Trump's total lack of concern about a foreign country's attempt to hijack our democratic process.

PELOSI: So again I ask the question, What do the Russians have on Donald Trump — politically, personally, or financially — that he just won't go to that place and instead enshrines them, sings and dances to their tune. And Republicans in Congress have been resistant to finding it — have resisted finding out the truth. So I think there are other remedies that we can exhaust. I respect the opinion of those who think he should come. But I think we — if the Republicans in Congress would be more, shall we say, open to facts and the truth, we can learn a lot without the president coming here.

As Comey warned in his testimony on Thursday, "They’re coming after America." But that does not interest or concern the president. And that should concern all of us.