Pelosi embarrasses Trump for calling his Christmas party a 'Holiday Reception'


Nancy Pelosi strikes a blow in the War on Christmas.

Donald Trump is such a failure that when he's not trashing his only real accomplishment as president behind closed doors, he's undercutting his fake ones.

On Thursday morning, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) testified for several hours before the House Rules Committee, in an effort to include the DREAM Act in the current temporary funding bill to keep the government open and avoid a government shutdown.

While describing the support that the DREAM Act enjoys, Pelosi dropped in a dig at Trump's idiotic declaration of victory in the War on Christmas:


PELOSI: This should not be a partisan or political issue. I was telling the president when we met with him recently, that, at his holiday party — I mentioned to him, it was called a "holiday" party, "I thought it was a Christmas Party, but it was called a holiday party." At his "holiday party," many of our Republican colleagues said to me how supportive they would be of the DREAM Act. What was interesting was that many of the spouses – your spouses – told me that as well.

Despite Trump's constant bleating about how he has restored the right to say "Merry Christmas," he sent invitations to a "Holiday Reception" at the White House.

Unfortunately, the Republican-controlled committee was unmoved, but Pelosi's dig is yet another illustration of this administration's priorities. While they endanger millions of children's health insurance and leave hundreds of thousands of patriotic DREAMers vulnerable to deportation, Trump has at least clinched a victory in a war that only he, apparently, is fighting.