Pence fails to fill even half a room at GOP fundraiser despite slashed ticket prices


Colorado Republicans could not find enough people who wanted to see Pence speak, even after desperately slashing the ticket price.

Mike Pence, once thought to be an anchor who could rally conservatives to the administration, has instead seen his own popularity plummet in tandem with Donald Trump. His presence in the White House is not even enough to make his former state of Indiana approve of the administration.

Nothing better demonstrates Pence’s inability to save Trump’s presidency than the dismal results of his recent fundraising efforts.

This week, Pence headlined a GOP gathering in Denver, and even after cutting the base ticket price from $275 to $150 out of sheer desperation to “fill the large room,” the party only sold 400 tickets — in a convention space that seats 1,500.


Moreover, Pence and his dismally small crowd of supporters were met with a protest. The streets around the convention center were lined with people dressed in garb from "The Handmaid’s Tale," protesting Pence’s attacks on abortion, Planned Parenthood, and health care.

Pence has been traveling all over the country to rally with fellow Republican beleaguered with scandals, and to promote the GOP’s trillion-dollar tax giveaway to the rich. But he has less and less to show for it.

If Republicans are hoping Pence will save their party from Trump, the evidence is mounting against them. They must confront the reality that their leader — and his inner circle — are beyond any political redemption.