Pence humiliated as GOP desperately slashes ticket prices because he can't fill a room


The Colorado Republican Party cut the ticket price of a fundraiser headlined by Mike Pence almost in half because they "couldn’t fill the large room."

As Donald Trump continues to degrade the dignity of his office, Vice President Mike Pence is frantically zipping around all over the country to one event after another fundraise and win political support.

In the past month, Pence has done everything from selling tax reform at a joint appearance in New York with a Republican congressman accused of insider trading, to fundraising for a California Republican with ties to Russia.

But his appearances have not always been met with a confidence-inspiring reception, as the GOP is discovering in Colorado.

According to the Denver Post, Pence is headlining a party fundraiser at the Denver Marriott Tech Center next Thursday, but so few people want to come and see him that the Colorado Republican Party is slashing the price of the cheapest tickets almost in half, from $275 to $150.

"We couldn't fill the large room at that ticket level," said Daniel Cole, the party's spokesman.

Pence’s lack of charisma or popularity is further evidenced by the fact that when Hillary Clinton stopped in Denver one month ago for a book signing, tickets were gone and the waiting list was full up just one day after they went on sale.

Even if Republicans do manage to fill up the "large room" — a conference center that seats 1,500 people — at the reduced ticket price, the entire point of the event is to raise money for the GOP in ticket revenue, meaning at most they will raise barely half of what they had hoped.

Everyone tied to Trump is becoming too toxic to engage in successful political organizing. As this presidency continues down its current path, Pence and the rest of the GOP cannot expect this situation to improve.