Pete Buttigieg explains exactly how most Americans want to end gun violence in 30 seconds


The overwhelming majority of Americans — including Republicans and even gun owners — support exactly what Buttigieg is talking about.

When asked about the crisis of gun violence during Tuesday's second Democratic debate, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg spoke about the need to take decisive action.

"We have a mass shooting's worth of killings every day in this country," Buttigieg said. "What we're doing hasn't worked because we haven't had a system in Washington capable of delivering what the American people have told us they want: 80 to 90% of Republicans want universal background checks, not to mention the common sense solutions like red flag laws that disarm domestic abusers and flag mental health risks and an end to assault weapons."

Polls back up Buttigieg's statement, showing universal background checks are incredibly popular. Even 97% of Republicans want stronger gun laws. The majority of gun owners and even NRA members also want tougher laws. The only reason those laws haven't been enacted is because Republicans in Congress have blocked the bills over and over again.

In February, the House of Representatives passed two popular gun safety bills, including a bill about background checks. Both bills are stalled in the Senate, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to bring them up for a vote.

Buttigieg went on to talk about his time in military service when he carried an assault rifle overseas.

"[Guns] like what I carried overseas in uniform that have no business in American neighborhoods in peacetime, let alone anywhere near a school."

Gun violence continues to kill thousands of people every year, but the Republican agenda is to refuse to even hold a vote on popular gun safety legislation.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.