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Trump adviser calls Congress 'more dangerous' than North Korea for impeachment inquiry

Trump trade representative Peter Navarro echoed his boss’ incendiary anti-impeachment attacks.

By Oliver Willis - October 01, 2019
Peter Navarro

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro mounted a passionate defense of his boss on Fox Business Monday, accusing Democrats of attempting a “coup d’état” for mounting an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump last week.

“This is nothing less than an attempted coup d’état and end-run around the ballot box,” Navarro told host Maria Bartiromo.

He claimed that the impeachment inquiry was being used “to depose a duly-elected president when they can’t beat him at the ballot box.”

Not satisfied with those incendiary remarks, Navarro went even further, placing the Democratic Party in the same class as global adversaries of the United States.

“Every day the president’s got to get up and he’s got to deal with China, he’s got to deal with Russia, he’s got to deal with Iran, North Korea, and now the House of Representatives,” said Navarro. “And I don’t know which one is more dangerous right now or in the next couple of months.”

Navarro’s remarks echo Trump’s own hostility on the matter, most notably his decision to suggest there would be a “civil war” if he is removed from office.

Navarro is more widely known for his strange economic ideas. He “stands so far outside the mainstream that he endorses few of the key tenets of the profession,” the New York Times noted before Trump was sworn in.

In his tenure as White House trade representative, Navarro has emulated Trump’s hostility to the free press, including invoking the canard of “fake news” to shield himself from tough questioning.

Navarro has been seen as the engine behind the administration’s trade war, which has hurt Americans and foreign businesses alike without resolving any of the key economic issues at hand.

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