Most Americans ready to kick Trump out of office after 2 years of failure


Trump's time in office has been defined by one catastrophe after another, and Americans are sick and tired of it.

After two years defined by racism, incompetence, and cruelty, 56 percent of Americans say they will definitely not vote for Trump in 2020. In the same Washington Post poll, barely one in four Americans (28 percent) say they will definitely vote for Trump on 2020.

It's not hard to understand why most Americans want to get rid of him. A majority thinks he is untrustworthy (61 percent), a weak leader (51 percent), and lacks the temperament for the job (58 percent). Most think he makes the wrong decisions for the country (64 percent) and say he's a failure as a dealmaker (58 percent).

Americans don't just disapprove of his demeanor; they're displeased with his policies too. For example, 56 percent of Americans think Trump has done a poor job helping the middle class. Trump's primary accomplishment in this area is the Republican tax scam passed in 2017 that showered Wall Street billionaires with massive tax giveaways while leaving middle-class families out in the cold.

Former Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) was mocked and ridiculed when he bragged about a secretary receiving a measly $1.50 per week more from the tax scam, while at the same time big banks are raking in record profits.

When it comes to improving the health care system, a majority of Americans — 62  percent — think Trump has done a miserable job there too. During the 2016 campaign, he vowed to reduced the cost of health care and make sure more people could afford health insurance.

Once in his office, he championed the Republican bill to gut Obamacare, threatening to take health care away from more than 20 million people, including ripping away protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions like asthma  and cancer. While the Republican effort to repeal Obamacare failed, Trump has actively tried to weaken and undermine it.

Most recently, Trump shut down the government for a record 35 days, over a border wall most people don't want, inflicting massive damage and cost on the country. Around 800,000 federal employees suffered without pay for more than a month, all because of Trump's temper tantrum on an unpopular wall. Thousands of federal employees visited food banks and soup kitchens in order to feed themselves, yet Trump is still contemplating shutting down the government again in three weeks. The pain he inflicted on families is immeasurable, but the cost to the country came to a whopping $11 billion.

Trump's tenure in the White House has been nothing but a disaster. As Americans are regularly exposed to the unpalatable combination of cruelty and unfairness, a solid majority are already saying they will reject him in 2020.

In 2018, Americans across the country swarmed the polling places to reject the Trump agenda and put Nancy Pelosi back in her rightful place as speaker of the House. As Trump continues to grossly mismanage the country, Americans are looking to rid themselves of him in 2020.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.