Over 3,000 lies later, almost no Americans think Trump is honest


Trump has told thousands of lies during his time in office — and his trustworthiness among Americans is at a pitiful all-time low.

Thousands of lies into his presidency, the vast majority of Americans continue to believe Trump is not honest.

Over his time in office, the Washington Post has catalogued at least 3,001 lies from him. He averaged 6.5 false claims between his inauguration day and the first of May.

The Post noted that he "has a proclivity to repeat, over and over, many of his false or misleading statements." The paper indicated 113 specific lies that Trump returns to over and over again, which he repeats "with breathtaking frequency."

A new poll from SurveyMonkey shows that Americans have noticed how allergic he is to the truth.

A mere 13 percent of respondents said they consider Trump "honest and trustworthy." Familiarity with his failed attempts at leadership hasn't helped. He has lost ground since the poll began measuring him on the topic. When he was inaugurated, 16 percent thought he was honest.

Trump lies about almost everything. He lies to military spouses, he lies about members of Congress, and he can't stop lying about his pre-election hush money payoffs.

America has never gotten on board with Trump. He lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million votes, and has never been above 50 percent approval.

Earlier this week, he boasted about his "best poll numbers in a year." That poll showed his job approval rating at 43 percent.

His disapproval rating, however, has been over 50 percent for most of his time in office.

America never liked or trusted Trump. The more the country got to know him and see his deception on a daily basis, the less America believed in his honesty.

Trump lacks the moral authority to execute the office he holds, and nearly every American has made it very clear that they see the truth about his lies.