President Obama reflects on important achievements of the past eight years


President Obama's two terms in office have been an era of remarkable progress and positive changes for the country and its people. As the calendar flips to 2017 and his exit from the White House draws nearer, he offered a few reminders of some of the most important accomplishments we have seen in the past eight years.

It is a new year, and while the country is preparing for its new administration, President Obama took to Twitter to remind us all of what the past eight years under his governance has brought us.


And all of these accomplishments are only the beginning. President Obama has truly been a transformative leader, who will be leaving the country in far better shape by nearly every metric — economically and environmentally, with stronger global relationships and fuller recognition of equality for all citizens — than it was when he first took the oath of office.

We have been fortunate to have him as our President, and we will miss him dearly.