President Obama to heckler: 'Go knock on some doors for your guy'


Once again, the President shows us how to respond to antagonists — with a smile.

President Barack Obama was speaking at a rally for Hillary Clinton Friday in Cleveland, Ohio, when a heckler disrupted him a few minutes into his speech.

Obama was as unflappable as ever, responding to the man by encouraging chants of "Hillary! Hillary!" and cracking a few lighthearted jokes.

Obama: Hold on a second, young man. Don’t be interrupting everybody. Come on. Come on, sir. Come on. Everybody is going — come on, everybody. Let’s do our little chant. Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!

Audience: Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!

Obama: All right, I think we’re okay now. I notice this has been happening everywhere, and I keep on telling folks you’ve got to organize your own rallies! (Laughter and applause.) If you’re confident about the other guy, just go to his rallies. (Applause.) I feel confident about my candidate. That’s why I’m at this rally. (Applause.) So you don’t have to spend time over here. Go knock on some doors for your guy. That’s a better way for you to spend your time. (Laughter.) Unless you’re just being paid to be here — in which case, hey, you know, everybody has got to make a living. (Laughter.)