Pro-Trump store shuts down just 2 days after grand opening


Turns out pro-Trump merchandise is just as unpopular as Trump.

A pro-Trump store selling "deplorable" merchandise shut down this week just two days after it opened up shop in upstate New York.

The store, called the "Team Deplorable Community Activity Center," opened its doors on July 3 as a T-shirt shop hawking merchandise to Trump supporters.

Among the items it sold were shirts bearing the slogan "Make America Safe Again."


By July 5, the store was gone, leaving no signs that it had ever existed.

"In its two-day lifespan, the store drew an Independence Day protest and fierce social media backlash while its owner tried to raise $150,000. All the while, it sold little more than T-shirts and hats that had no connection to Trump," CBS News reported.

The owner of the store, Bruce Ben-Dov, described himself as the "CEO of Team Deplorable."

"I'm the most deplorable there is," he bragged to a local news station when he opened the store in Webster, NY.

Just 48 hours later, Ben-Dov told local CBS affiliate WROC that he couldn't keep the T-shirt store open financially.

He had started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $150,000 to turn the shop into a national support center for Trump, but questions arose when it was revealed that he was being sued by American Express over a $10,698 debt.

From the looks of it, the failed shop was little more than a scam aimed at making money off of gullible Trump supporters — in other words, a perfect metaphor for Trump's failing presidency.

Trump has spent much of his time in office trying to monetize the presidency, selling everything from overpriced hats to overpriced country club memberships.

And while he has failed at almost everything else, he has succeeded in living up to his reputation as a scam artist — a legacy that loyal supporters of the grifter-in-chief are hoping to carry on.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.