Progressives give Gorsuch an earful, California gets a win over Trump, and President Obama


News you need to know as you head into the weekend.

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  • We told you yesterday about that protest planned for a speech Neil Gorsuch would be giving at Trump International Hotel, down the street from the White House. Groups including Planned Parenthood, NARAL, the Arab American Institute, and others led the way, and Gorsuch got quite an earful from the assembled crowd outside:

    Josh Orton, speaking on behalf of NARAL Pro-Choice America, said that Gorsuch's choice to appear at the hotel suggested that people might become skeptical of Supreme Court decisions if they are perceived to be impacted by politics.

    "There's no question that Gorsuch knows the signal he's sending by coming here and he's not only OK with it, but he's probably happy about it," Orton said.

  • Another win for the Democrats — and the environment and everyone who lives on Earth — against the Trump administration. After California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, leading a coalition of eight attorneys general, filed a lawsuit against the administration for delaying implementation of the Greenhouse Gas Performance Measure, the White House quickly backed down and will immediately put the measure into action."Climate change is real," Becerra said. "If President Trump is not prepared to admit it or to do his job of protecting our families by enforcing our environmental rules, then I'm prepared as Attorney General to call his bluff." Other states should take note — after all, as Becerra said before Trump even took office, "As goes California, so goes the nation." And he's not stopping yet:

  • Democrats in the Senate also did their part to attempt to shame Trump into some kind of meaningful action on behalf of the millions of American citizens struggling to survive in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Thirty-seven senators co-signed a letter to Trump with some specific ideas about what he could — and should — be ordering his administration to do right now, including: an Individual Assistance Disaster Declaration, so that people who have lost their homes will be able to receive help from FEMA; appointing a Special Assistant for Rebuilding to coordinate the multi-faceted efforts required in such a dire situation; providing emergency Medicaid funding for Puerto Ricans; and utilizing the Department of Defense and its capabilities to assist in relief and recovery efforts.

    We want the people of Puerto Rico to know that we will be with them at every step along this long road, ensuring their survival and robust recovery. It is the least we can do.

  • And Democrats are also making sure that no Americans are left behind by rapidly advancing technology which doesn't reach all corners of the country:

    Congressional Democrats are calling for a $40 billion investment to expand internet access in rural and inner-city communities, likening their plan to New Deal efforts to expand the electrical grid.

    The new proposal is the latest addition to the party's "Better Deal" agenda launched in July.

    Democrats say public funds are needed because internet service providers on their own have failed to cover large swaths of the population ...

    Under the plan, the $40 billion would go toward funding private and public infrastructure projects, mapping internet access across the country, upgrading outdated internet capabilities and building out public safety infrastructure.

  • One of the crucial races to keep your eye on is the governorship in Virginia, where Democrat Ralph Northam has pulled in twice the cash as his Republican opponent Ed Gillespie, whose gambit of fundraising off his support for white supremacy apparently didn't quite pan out. Not that Gillespie learned anything, as he later released a vile, racist attack ad against Northam. In fact, there is a lot to know about Gillespie's true character — or lack thereof — and there's a handy site you can visit to learn the truth.
  • And speaking of elections, grassroots organization Swing Left has a message for you:

    As they put it, "Don't despair. Mobilize." Find a swing district near you, and get to work flipping it blue.