Puerto Rico gov tells Trump to his face: 'Treat us the same as citizens in TX and FL'


Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló used his meeting at the White House to tell Donald Trump to his face exactly what the residents of his island really need.

The governor of Puerto Rico told Donald Trump to his face that residents of the island must be treated "the same as citizens" of hurricane ravaged states, while Trump continues to fail with recovery efforts.

Gov. Ricardo Rosselló traveled to the White House as Puerto Rico is still in the midst of a major humanitarian crisis. Over 80 percent of the electrical grid is still not functioning, 28 percent of the people lack running water, nearly half of sewage-treatment plants are not working, and cell phone signals are unavailable to 40 percent of the population.

After Rosselló spoke, and despite the ample evidence to the contrary, Trump said his administration should be given "a 10" and an "A+" for its response to the hurricane there. Americans disagree, and have rated Trump's response lower than George W. Bush after Katrina.

ROSELLÓ: I'm confident that with your commitments, and with your support, Mr. President — with your team's support — we will be able to come out of this in the long haul, together with Puerto Rico. Give the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico the adequate resources, treat us the same as citizens in Texas and Florida and elsewhere, and we will come out of this stronger.

Trump completely mishandled the response to the hurricane in Puerto Rico, and insulted and derided the American island the entire time. Instead of focusing on the response, as usual, he golfed.

Even when he paid attention to the dire situation, he was rude and dismissive, focusing on photo ops instead of substance as people suffered. Now, he wants praise and support — but Puerto Rico needs action and leadership.

Trump cannot rise to the challenge, unfortunately.