Pulitzer-winning combat journalist warns of media's 'hype songs and war toy cheers' after Trump drops MOAB


Pulitzer Prize-winning war journalist C.J. Chivers warns about the media hyping Donald Trump's order to drop a so-called "Mother of All Bombs" in Afghanistan, as the press follows a familiar pattern of behavior of cheering for displays of military might.

Donald Trump's decision to drop a massive bomb in Afghanistan prompted a Pulitzer Prize-winning combat journalist to warn about the media's habit of cheering for spectacular weapons of war.

C.J. Chivers, Moscow bureau chief for the New York Times and two-time Pulitzer winner, reacted to the news, writing, "Last week, Tomahawks. This week the MOAB. Stand by for certain news voices to to pound out hype songs and war-toy cheers."

The Pentagon announced that the GBU-43 bomb, known as the "Mother of All Bombs" (MOAB), had been deployed on an "ISIS-K tunnel complex in Achin district" in Afghanistan.

The MOAB is a 21,600-pound GPS-guided bomb that is the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the American arsenal. It has never been used in combat before.

The national mainstream media has a historical love affair with military weapons and the dazzling footage that often accompanies their deployment. Instead of questioning why these weapons have been used and the human toll accompanying these decisions, the press – particularly TV news – tends to wax rhapsodic about such displays of "shock and awe."

MSNBC's Brian Williams was widely condemned when he referred to the recent airstrikes in Syria as "beautiful," and more of the same could accompany the MOAB deployment.

Chivers' warning could be prophetic, and Americans could be forced to brace for another round of a deadly game.