Ranting Trump whines about how many favors it took to buy votes for health care repeal


Donald Trump hijacked a rally for Alabama senatorial candidate Luther Strange to whine about the schmoozing he had to do to get votes for the GOP's heartless health care repeal.

Donald Trump wanted to win the presidency, but it really seems like he didn't actually want to be president.

He'd much rather spend time golfing and jetting off on luxury vacations on the taxpayers' dime.

Oh, but it's okay, because apparently he's "crushing it." That is, if "crushing it" means setting historic lows for approval ratings.

Considering his preference for mingling and relaxing, one would think Trump might enjoy the idea of having dinners with members of Congress. But according to him, that's not enjoyable — it's "brutality."

At a campaign rally in Alabama for GOP senatorial candidate Luther Strange, Trump went off on a bizarre, rambling tangent — one of many — about what he was expected to do to win over Republicans in Congress on the GOP's health care repeal bill.

Oh, the humanity! They wanted him to have a meal with their families!

"Well, Mr. President," Trump intones, imitating a random Republican and with his voice rising, "could you have dinner with my wife, myself, my family, my kids, my cousins, my uncles!"

Waving his arms and putting on a long-suffering grimace, Trump said, "Okay, so they come over, the family, pictures all night, everything. Okay. And I'll get a vote or I won't, whatever."

His assessment? "Brutal. Brutal. You know what that is folks, right? It's called brutality."

"I call another one. I say, 'Senator, we need your vote. I know you're opposed to it, but —,'" Trump continued. "'Well, you know, I think I can get there, but you have to do me a favor,'" he added, in another imitation. "'You have to see my brother and his wife. They love you and they want to have dinner with you. They want to have breakfast with you, and lunch. Then after you're finished with them, how about we'll go out for a picnic someplace on the White House lawn."

Hand to his face in dramatic excess, Trump whined, "Oh my God, it was brutal, you have no idea."

Trump then turned to Strange, and his worries about what he'd have to do to get his vote. But lo and behold, Strange simply said "You have it."

"I said, 'Do I have to come and meet you someplace? Do I have to have dinner with your family?'" Trump bleated. But when Strange said no, Trump was apparently elated.

"I went home and told my wife, 'That's the coolest thing that's happened to me in six months."

Put aside the fact that, if that really is the coolest thing that's happened to Trump in six months — six months as president of the United States — he has a pretty low bar for excitement.

But listening to Trump whine and complain about the awfulness of currying favors and having dinners, when the goal of said favors and dinners is to amass enough votes to strip health care away from millions of Americans and further tear up the fabric of our society, it becomes truly grotesque.

People across the country are terrified about their futures, as they watch the GOP do everything in their power to dismantle health care.

Trump, a wealthy man with access to whatever health care he may need, is on stage crying about the "brutality" of asking for votes.

To quote Jimmy Kimmel, what a phony little creep.