Readers and advertisers are ditching Breitbart, the No. 1 pro-Trump propaganda site


Advertisers and readers are abandoning Breitbart, the No. 1 pro-Trump right-wing propaganda website. His failing presidency, along with a campaign to defund hate publishers, appear to be the main culprits.

Breitbart, the most pro-Trump right-wing "news" site, appears to be in trouble.

Between March and May of this year, the number of brands appearing on Breitbart dropped from 242 to 26. Digiday reports that the decline at Breitbart is far worse than the overall downward trend at conservative news sites.

According to the web traffic measurement service comScore, Breitbart has also lost 13 percent of its traffic from a year ago.


The site may be the latest victim of Donald Trump's reverse Midas touch, in which any people or institutions affiliated with him end up as big losers.

Breitbart's downturn comes as progressives have been promoting a campaign to inform advertisers that their financial sponsorship of Breitbart is funding a site that embraces the so-called "alt-right" platform of white supremacy and misogyny. Groups like Sleeping Giants have painstakingly crowdsourced the work of finding out who is sponsoring Breitbart and pressuring them to stop.

The close ties between the Trump administration and Breitbart are manifested through Trump senior adviser and former Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon, who recently was granted an ethics waiver that would allow him to direct the site's editorial message from the White House.

The site has been amongst Trump's most vocal media allies, often promoting him while attacking his enemies, particularly within the Republican Party and the conservative movement. More than even Fox News, Breitbart has attached itself parasitically to the Trump brand.

But as Trump's presidency has failed, even within the world of right-wing pseudo-journalism, Breitbart has become a joke. Their attempts to explain his repeated failings have been comical, even by the low standards of the conservative movement. Like Fox News and its recent ratings troubles, the appetite for this type of idol worship appears to be limited.

Combined with the toxicity of its bigoted coverage, the rising backlash to the Breitbarts of the world appears to be at full speed.