Red America hates Trumpcare, but GOP is secretly trying to force it on them anyway


The Republican health care repeal plan is unpopular in red states and nationally, but the GOP is still doing whatever it can to make it pass — even legislating in secret.

A new poll in Georgia's 6th Congressional District shows that the health care repeal plan being pushed by Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan is extremely unpopular. Only 25 percent of respondents have a favorable opinion of the law, while a massive 62 percent have an unfavorable opinion.

The bill is a point of contention in that district's heavily watched race between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel. Ossoff has slammed the bill vehemently: "I strongly oppose this bill, which allows discrimination against Georgians with pre-existing conditions and would make health insurance unaffordable for millions of families. This bill puts Georgians’ lives at risk."

The plan is also unpopular across the country. Even the conservative Fox News highlighted a Quinnipiac poll showing the bill — which would kick at least 23 million off of their health insurance — with only 17 percent approval and 62 percent disapproval.


But despite this massive rejection of the proposal, Senate Republicans are still moving to force its passage. They are working on the bill in secret, refusing to have public hearings, and blocking Democrats from even knowing what it contains.

The deceptive process embraced by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republican senators highlights the strange conundrum the GOP is embracing.

The bill is a loser, as evidenced by its reception since House Republicans passed it. But they also face anger from the extreme right after years of slandering Obamacare and not proposing an alternative, while also feeling the pressure to produce something to show from Donald Trump's time in office thus far.

The Democrats are sounding the alarm about the GOP's dangerous actions. But Republicans appear dead-set on jamming the bill through, while ignoring the negative reaction from their own home state constituents, as well as the warning signs for the country and their party.