Rep. Gwen Moore will attend Trump's inaugural: 'When he sees me, I want him to see The Resistance.'


There are many ways to resist. While a number of Congressional Democrats have decided to boycott President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration, Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) has decided to attend, so that when Trump looks at her, he will "see The Resistance."

An increasing number of House Democrats will be skipping Donald Trump's inauguration in an act of principled protest. Rep. Gwen Moore will not be among them, because she has chosen a different path of resistance.

In a statement Wednesday, she explained her decision (emphasis mine):

I support my colleagues in their decision to boycott the Presidential Inauguration, but knowing how he operates, I suspect President-elect Donald Trump will use this expression of free speech as an excuse to bypass Democrats and to push his extreme agenda with utter impunity. With that in mind, I refuse to be a pawn in the president-elect’s efforts to rally support from congressional Republicans. As a proud Democrat, I want President-elect Trump to see me front and center as he’s sworn in. I want him to see exactly what his opposition looks like. When he sees me, I want him to see The Resistance.

I did not come to this decision lightly. I weighed my responsibility as an elected official against my disgust over the president-elect's vile tactics employed to ascend to the presidency and the disrespectful treatment of revered civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis. I considered the multitude of supportive phone calls and tweets from my constituents in light of the embarrassing and ongoing petulance employed by the president-elect. I prayed on this and thought of First Lady Michelle Obama as she reminded us to refrain from abandoning decency in the face of intolerance and moral depravity.

It’s no secret that I find President-elect Trump and his policies repugnant and anathema to my efforts to pursue social justice, and I know a majority of my constituents feel the same. In November, Milwaukee sent a strong, clear message that Donald Trump was the wrong man to lead our country. I intend to deliver that message with my presence at the Presidential Inauguration and serve a symbol of opposition, not normalization.

There are many things to resist about the incoming Trump administration and the man who will lead it — and there are many ways to resist them.

Moore is modeling another method of resistance, and I am just as proud to take up space in solidarity with her as I am with her colleagues who have made a different choice.