Rep. Maxine Waters: 'We are not playing. We're stopping Trump.'


Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is modeling resistance. She boycotted the inauguration, her criticism of Trump has been unyielding, and she is getting results. In a new interview, she provides a blunt explanation: "I don’t care for him, I don’t trust him, and I know what I’ve got to do.”

Before Donald Trump's inauguration, Rep. Maxine Waters passionately argued for further investigation of Trump's possible collusion with Russia. Now the House Intelligence Committee has announced that it will investigate ties between Russia and associates of Trump's campaign.

In an interview with The Root (an online news site that provides news commentary from a variety of Black perspectives), Rep. Waters makes the case for unrelenting resistance:

“My feet are firmly planted on the ground and dealing with the reality of things and what’s happening and what’s going on,” she tells The Root. “It has not been difficult; I just know that we are now going to have a new president. I don’t care for him, I don’t trust him, and I know what I’ve got to do.”


“I don’t have any intentions of pretending that we can get along with him,” Waters says of Trump. “He has defined himself. We know who he is, we know what he cares about, and I don’t know why any of us would try and make ourselves believe that he is anything other than what he has shown us to be.”


“We’re going to have to resist; we’re going to have to march and protest and rally and never let up,” she says. “We are going to have to demand that those elected officials who say that they are opposed to him show up and say it, and make sure that they understand that we are not playing, and know that we’re about the business of stopping Trump.”

The full write-up includes a rundown of Rep. Water's notorious history of fighting and never backing down, so go read the whole thing.