Report shuts down Trump's overseas bragging: He's the least popular president since 1946


As Donald Trump travels across the continent of Asia, flattering and praising himself to an embarrassing degree, his poll numbers back at home tell a very different story.

It's probably best that Donald Trump is halfway across the world right now, because things aren't looking so good for him back at home.

In fact, things are looking historically awful.

According to a new ABC News poll, Trump's approval rating just dipped to 37 percent, the lowest of any president at this point in office since 1946.

This means that no one under the age of 71 has ever seen a president this unpopular at just nine months into his first term.

To put things in perspective, at the same time eight years ago, President Barack Obama's net approval rating was 39 percentage points higher than Trump's.

In a blistering paragraph, ABC News describes the many ways that Trump is failing:

A year after his surprise election victory, President Donald Trump is underperforming expectations and lagging behind his predecessors, with the lowest job approval of any postwar president at this point in office, broad distrust across a range of issues and majority belief that he’s not delivering on his campaign promises.


And these historically awful approval ratings are slipping fast: A full two-thirds of Americans (65 percent) now say he’s accomplished "not much" to "little or nothing" as president, up from 56 percent at his 100th day in office.

The majority of Americans (55 percent) say Trump is is not  delivering on his major campaign promises, compared to 41 percent at the 100-day mark.

As ABC News points out, Trump is even falling short of the low expectations people had for him when he took office. Across all major issues — including the economy, terrorism, health care, and race relations — Americans say Trump is performing worse than they thought he would.

The new poll numbers come just a day after Trump arrived in Asia, where he promptly humiliated himself before even getting off Air Force One.

When a reporter mentioned that China's President Xi Jinping was "coming off a very successful run," Trump couldn't let the moment go without puffing himself up in comparison.

"Excuse me, so am I," he whined to the reporters, going on to lavish undue praise on himself.

Relevant to his Asia trip, "a remarkable 67 percent of Americans don’t trust him to act responsibly in handling the situation involving North Korea — up 5 points from September," according to ABC News.

As Trump meets with other world leaders, he'll do so with the knowledge that 53 percent of Americans say the country's leadership in the world has gotten weaker under Trump.

There's only one thing to say about that: SAD!