Reporter April Ryan got death threats after Fox News attacked her for questioning Trump


Fox News attacked reporter April Ryan because she questioned Donald Trump's racist comments. Now she is getting death threats.

Reporter April Ryan revealed that after she was singled out by Fox News for asking Donald Trump tough questions, she began receiving death threats.

Ryan is the White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks. She is a black woman who has been particularly singled out and targeted by Trump's press operation, behavior that has been emulated by his preferred right-wing propaganda network, Fox.

Appearing at a "Journalism in the Trump Era" panel put on by the Committee to Protect Journalists, Ryan spoke openly about what she has experienced.

"Unfortunately I'm the poster child on some networks now for asking questions," she noted. "I've been getting death threats just for asking a question."

The latest round of attacks against Ryan came after she asked Trump during an event on Martin Luther King Jr. Day if he is a racist.

The question had to be asked, after Trump referred to countries with large nonwhite populations as "shithole" countries and said their residents should not be allowed to emigrate to the United States. Instead, he cited out a majority-white country like Norway as the sort of place from which America should welcome people.

Time and again, Trump has said horribly racist things, and he needed to be asked about it. For that, his own White House and his core supporters have gone after a black reporter.

His administration and his political allies at outlets like Fox are doing his racial dirty work, and putting innocent people in harm's way for exercising their constitutional right to free speech and inquiry.