Republican Gov. Scott Walker finally — finally! — loses in Wisconsin


For years, Scott Walker seemed unbeatable. That's over now.

Republican Scott Walker's reign of terror in Wisconsin is finally over. The far-right, union-busting governor survived a recall in 2012, won re-election in 2014, and was just smart enough in 2015 to drop out of the Republican presidential primary before Trump could land any punches on him.

But now it's all over for Walker, who lost his re-election bid to Democrat Tony Evers.

For months, polling suggested perhaps Walker had finally overstayed his welcome in the governor's mansion. His massive corporate giveaway to Foxconn — more than $4 billion in tax incentives to the Taiwan-based company — is turning out to be a disaster. Foxconn and Walker had insisted it would mean thousands of jobs for Wisconsin workers, but now it's looking more like jobs for Chinese engineers. And robots.

Meanwhile, as Obamacare became more and more popular with voters — who said health care was their top concern in the 2018 election — Walker tried to reinvent himself as someone who hadn't spent eight years vowing to undo it and trying to defeat it.

In recent months, Walker has even pretended to be a supporter of Obamacare even though he joined other Republican-led states in a lawsuit to overturn critical parts of Obamacare, including protections for pre-existing conditions.

Ultimately, Walker's last-minute attempts to separate himself from the rest of the GOP failed. Wisconsin voters saw right through him, and they are finally done with him.