GOP House candidate: I like laws that force rape victims to give birth


The GOP nominee in the upcoming North Carolina special election supports the Alabama anti-abortion law that forces rape and incest victims to give birth.

The GOP nominee in a key special election in North Carolina is an anti-abortion extremist.

Republican Dan Bishop — who is hoping to overcome the GOP's election fraud attempt to win North Carolina's 9th congressional district in an upcoming special election — told the Raleigh News & Observer that he supports Alabama's newly passed extreme anti-abortion law.

The extremely unpopular law bans abortion from the moment of conception in almost all instances, including for women who were impregnated as a result of rape or incest.

But Bishop told the News & Observer that he would support a law like Alabama's, saying, "I think it's wrong to have an abortion in the case of rape or incest, just as it would be wrong to take the life of a child born to incest."

Bishop claimed his position "reflect[s] an evolving consensus against abortion." But he's wrong. More than two-thirds of Americans, or 67%, think the Supreme Court should keep Roe v. Wade "as it is," according to a recent CBS News poll.

It's not surprising, however, that Bishop would support such an extreme abortion ban.

Like many in the Republican Party, Bishop is an anti-abortion extremist who wants to see Roe v. Wade — the landmark Supreme Court case that guarantees women the right to an abortion — overturned. He said Roe v. Wade is "similar to the Dred Scott decision" that ruled black slaves were property and didn't count as citizens.

Bishop is also an author of North Carolina's bigoted anti-transgender "bathroom bill," which state Republicans were forced to revoke after it cost North Carolina millions in lost revenue.

Bishop will face off against Democrat Dan McCready, a Marine Corps veteran who nearly won this district in 2018, despite the fact that his GOP opponent Mark Harris cheated and engaged in election fraud by hiring a consultant who tampered with absentee ballots.

The fraud scandal led the State Board of Elections to invalidate the 2018 election and call for a do-over special election.

Voters will now get a second chance to have a fair election in this district, where they'll choose between a Democratic Marine veteran and a bigoted Republican nominee on Sept. 10.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.