Republicans have beer delivered to Capitol to celebrate end of health care


House Republicans reportedly had beer delivered to the U.S. Capitol to celebrate their vote to strip health insurance from millions of Americans.

Republicans celebrated stripping health insurance from 24 million Americans with a delivery of beer to the United States Capitol.

As Republicans were voting to repeal Obamacare and make it harder and more expensive for Americans to access life-saving health care, they were apparently already looking forward to knocking back beers in celebration.

"Looks like House Republicans are gearing up for a party," said Alexandra De Luca, deputy press secretary for EMILY's List. "It’s stomach-churning to think of the tens of millions of Americans who are learning they may lose their health care at the same time that Republicans drink beers and toast President Trump. House Republicans better buckle in for 2018. Americans aren’t going to forget this.”

Several reporters photographed cases of Bud Light coming into the building "for a celebration."

CORDES: Republicans are not being modest in their victory. They already have cases of beer standing by here at the Capitol, Scott, to celebrate.

Across the street, protesters chanted "shame" at Republicans for what they had done, while MSNBC host Chris Hayes said the network was having difficulty finding Republican guests to come on air and defend the vote.

The intensely unpopular bill faces an uphill climb in the Senate, but this vote gives it full backing by hundreds of Republicans in Congress. And they celebrated with a beer bash.