GOP only willing to help children if Trump gets money for border wall


House Republicans are using children as pawns to get Trump his border wall money.

As a fury grows over the inhumane Trump policy of ripping families part as they come across the U.S. southern border, House Republicans unveiled a so-called compromise immigration bill.

But it turns out what the bill really does is use vulnerable young children as pawns to get Trump money for build his border wall.

"The measure would offer Democrats and immigration moderates in the Republican Party a difficult choice: accept hard-line changes to much of the immigration system in exchange for protections for young undocumented immigrants and what appears to be a modification of the wrenching policy of splitting up families at the border," the New York Times reports.

Democrats were locked out of the bill-writing process.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions this year announced that 100 percent of immigrants found crossing into the U.S. illegally would be prosecuted, which means children are separated from parents and referred for criminal prosecution.

Session even announced that most victims of domestic violence and gang violence will no longer be granted asylum in America.

The cruel policy has created heartbreaking headlines, including a report about a mother who had her child ripped away from her while she was breastfeeding the baby.

Religious leaders are loudly denouncing the policy.

“I cannot be silent when our country’s immigration policy destroys families, traumatizes parents, and terrorizes children," Cardinal Sean O’Malley, who oversees the Boston archdiocese, said this week. "The harmful and unjust policy of separating children from their parents must be ended."

In truth, Republicans have been blocking meaningful immigration reform for years.

Under President Barack Obama, after a bipartisan immigration bill easily passed the Senate in 2013, there were enough votes in the House to pass the bill. But Republicans for years refused to hold an up-or-down vote.

Now Trump and the GOP are using children at the border as pawns so Trump can fulfill his hollow campaign promise.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.