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Republicans are mad they're finally paying the consequences for inciting violence

QAnon fan Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is among the latest to have social media accounts suspended.

By Donna Provencher - January 18, 2021
Marjorie Taylor Greene

High-profile Republicans are slamming social media platforms in the wake of Twitter bans and suspensions for inciting violence on social media in the days leading up to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) condemned Twitter on Sunday after the platform temporarily suspended her account due to inflammatory statements potentially encouraging violence by Donald Trump supporters after their deadly attack on the Capitol Jan. 6.

Greene is best known for backing Trump’s false election-fraud claims as well as her promotion of the dangerous QAnon conspiracy theory, which posits that Trump is the GOP’s defender against a secret cabal of cannibalistic, child-trafficking Democrats in U.S. leadership roles.

In a public statement tweeted Sunday by others, Greene said, “Just days after the Silicon Valley Cartel launched a multi-front attack to chill free speech in America by deplatforming President Donald Trump and purging an unknown number of conservatives, Twitter has decided to suspend my personal account without explanation.”

“If a conservative dares to utter a political opinion that is deemed unapproved by the internet police, they are now subject to false accusations of ‘inciting violence’ simply for having a conservative view,” she added. “Congress must act, and act swiftly, to protect free speech in America.”

A spokesperson for Twitter told Business Insider that Greene had acted against its “civic integrity policy,” noting that the GOP representative was “locked out for multiple violations.”

Greene had posted a clip Sunday from an interview in which she again promoted debunked claims about widespread voter fraud, in apparent violation of Twitter’s terms of service.

On Saturday, she also posted and then deleted content encouraging followers to “mobilize” in support of Trump.

“I encourage all Americans, not just the 75 million people who voted for President Trump, to mobilize and make your voices heard in opposition to these attacks on our liberties,” the tweet read, according to ProPublica’s archives.

Her remarks came just days before Biden’s inauguration, as threats of violence continue. Washington, D.C., is heightening security measures surrounding the event, and Twitter has cracked down on at least 70,000 other QAnon-related accounts.

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani also complained of being censored for “fomenting violence” this week, saying two of his previous podcasts had been removed for these reasons.

“I believe the reason is, is in those podcasts I assert that states actually voted for Trump rather than for Biden and I’m accused of, of somehow fomenting violence by saying that,” he said. “In each one of those states I have enormous amount of proof that what I’m saying is true. I have affidavits. I have in some cases videotapes.  I have scientific analysis. I have examinations of crooked Dominion machines.”

These and other false claims of election fraud made by Trump, his team, and his supporters have been widely debunked, as well as dismissed by courts in dozens of lawsuits.

“People are entitled to look at it and decide whether I’m telling the truth or not,” Giuliani continued. “But all of that has been cut off. All of that has been kept from you because you’re really not Americans anymore. What you are, are creatures of Big Tech. They have a right to decide what you know and don’t know.”

He went on to falsely claim that “votes were stolen in … large numbers in the 2020 election” and that President-elect Biden was elected “illegally.”

This comes on the heels of conservative outrage over Trump’s permanent ban from Twitter and other platforms for inciting the violence of his supporters who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy took to Facebook Sunday and claimed Democrats “won’t let dissenting voices be heard in the halls of Congress.”

Trump’s trade adviser, Peter Navarro, told the Washington Examiner on Friday, “I think Twitter and Jack Dorsey are a progressive, liberal, multinational company in bed with the Chinese Communist Party.”

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) posted on Facebook last week that the “double standard by left-wing Big Tech giants (like Twitter and Facebook banning President Trump, censoring conservative content) is being amplified with deranged cancel culture.”

He added, “It’s clear what’s happening. This isn’t about violence, incitement, ‘fact-checking’, or the big tech employees who define those terms and the degrees of those terms. It’s about complete and utter control. It’s about stifling free speech and canceling conservatives. It’s about shutting people up like President Trump and others that disagree with the radical left-wing ideology and its dangers to our Republic.”

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.

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