Resistance descends on White House


After the sudden firing of FBI Director James Comey, multiple demonstrations are now underway against Donald Trump's apparent power grab, including one right in front of the White House.

Donald Trump plunged the political world into chaos on Tuesday by following through on his threats to fire FBI Director James Comey. The news came just after Comey issued grand jury subpoenas against associates of Trump's disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

For all of Comey's faults, the president firing the top federal investigator in the middle of an investigation into the president's ties to Russia is deeply troubling. Some experts say it could constitute obstruction of justice. The fact that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was actively involved in the decision, despite promising to recuse himself from the investigation, only makes the stench worse.

The reaction on Capitol Hill was immediate. Multiple Democratic senators called the move "Nixonian," Minority Leader Chuck Schumer declared it a "cover-up," and even some Republicans expressed alarm (though little call for action).


But the storm has only just begun. Already, the resistance is gearing up for a powerful response.

Hours after the decision to fire Comey was announced, put up an RSVP page promoting a protest at noon on Wednesday, in front of the White House:

Even last night, people started arriving at the White House with protest signs:

Perhaps anticipating trouble, the Secret Service is now trying to shut down the street between the White House and Lafayette Park, although agents are unconvincingly denying it has anything to do with the impending protest:

The protest is not limited to the White House. Another demonstration is scheduled for Wednesday evening in New York City:

The resistance is preparing to send Trump a message, loud and clear, that he has crossed the line by actively interfering in an FBI investigation. As more Americans stand together and demand accountability, Trump cannot sweep this controversy under the rug. His latest attempt has only emboldened the fight.