Resistance works: 21 victories in 21 days for the majority of Americans


Through all of the turmoil and struggle of the 21 days since Donald Trump took office, the country has fought back in a massive show of resistance, and it has led to important victories.

In the 21 days since Donald Trump took office, there have been (at least) 21 notable victories for the Resistance:

1: Following massive protests and public outcry, Trump's Muslim ban has thus far failed in court.

2: Uber's CEO resigned from Trump's economic council following outrage over the company's attempts to capitalize on the upheaval created by the travel ban.

3: The ACLU raised more money in one weekend than in the 2 years prior, after ACLU lawyers immediately brought a suit against the ban.

4: Mayors across the nation are protecting undocumented immigrant families, having declared their cities "sanctuary cities."

5: Similarly, "sanctuary campuses" are protecting students at colleges and universities.

6: The White House walked back plans to reinstall CIA black sites as an interrogation strategy, again after public outcry.

7: Public pressure killed Representative Jason Chaffetz's (R-UT) bill to cede federal lands to states.

8: Following gag orders on the National Parks Service — specifically on climate science — the Badlands NPS began tweeting climate facts in defiance of Trump.

9: Americans have formed over 4,000 resistance groups in local communities.

10: The federal hiring freeze at the Department of Veteran Affairs was reversed after public pushback.

11: Public pressure led Seattle to divest from Wells Fargo in support of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota in their protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

12: Boycotts led major companies to drop Ivanka Trump's clothing lines, and Trump's negative reaction actually helped the companies' stock.

13: Seventy-three House Democrats skipped the inauguration.

14: Trump's disapproval rating is historically high and support for impeachment is already at Nixon-era levels.

15: Nearly 3 million people gathered at Women's Marches to protest Trump, whose crowd size at inauguration was massively smaller.

16: Democrats have boycotted committee meetings and stayed up all night to delay confirmations of Trump's Cabinet picks.

17: Constituents concerned about the direction of the Trump administration are calling their Members of Congress at such volume that the Capitol switchboard has had its busiest days in history.

18: Republicans have found themselves so swamped with opposition when they attend town halls in their districts that they are running scared.

19: Obamacare is increasingly popular, and Republicans missed their own deadline to start repealing it.

20: Republicans dropped gutting the Office of Government Ethics, despite Trump’s support, following widespread resistance.

21: Democracy keeps winning in court cases, particularly in North Carolina, where the court has blocked laws aimed at limiting the Democratic governor's power, and issued a ruling against partisan gerrymandering.

The bottom line: Resistance works, even in these dark and difficult times, and even if it is just a phone call or a post card. Sustained pressure and demands for accountability have already had noticeable and meaningful impact. And these victories will continue, as long as the people keep fighting for them.