GOP senator: 'I grew up in public housing' but supporting public programs is bad


Democrats 'are going to ruin the country that our founders built because they want to control our whole lives,' Florida Sen. Rick Scott claimed.

Florida Sen. Rick Scott (R) on Friday went on conservative host Hugh Hewitt's radio show to discuss the choice voters have in the 2020 election and decried Democrats for embracing socialism.

Scott noted moments later that he had benefited from public housing as a child.

From Hewitt's April 10 radio show:

HUGH HEWITT: Senator, let me talk to you about Joe Biden, who's the nominee. He is going to select a vice president. Chuck Todd and I just discussed that I believe it's going to be Kamala Harris. What's your assessment of Kamala Harris?


RICK SCOTT: I've been in the Senate 16 months, and she's a nice person to be around. Her policies are just the opposite of mine. But you know, it doesn't really matter, they're all becoming socialists. What Bernie has done is, he's shown what the party is. So whether the nominee is was Biden, whoever his running-mate is, they're socialists. They want big government. They want government to run our whole — our entire lives. They want Medicare For All. They want the Green New Deal. They are going to ruin the country that our founders built because they want to control our whole lives — tell us everything what do all day. That's what they've become.


HEWITT: So the Republicans are the party of freedom, and the Democrats are the party of socialism. Is that the choice in November?


SCOTT: Yeah, do you want government to control your life? Or do you want to have the opportunity ... the guarantee to have the opportunity to do whatever you want? I grew up in public housing, I don't even know my dad ... But my mom told me, "Thank God for the United States and a country where you can live in freedom, you can do whatever you want and be whatever you want."

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