RNC mysteriously spends $271,000 at Trump properties in just one month


Trump and his businesses are rife with conflicts of interest. And the Republican Party is in on it.

Trump has been using the Oval Office to enrich himself since day one, and the Republican National Committee is helping him.

According to a new report in the Washington Post, the RNC's Federal Election Commission filing shows it shelled out $271,000 in expenses at Trump properties just in the month of February. Because Trump never divested from his business, when Trump properties make money, so does he.

Most of the RNC's cash — $205,000 — was spent at the Trump National Doral Miami, and the rest was at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. The combined total "comprised 86 percent of the RNC's February expenses that were categorized specifically as 'venue rental and catering.'"


The RNC declined to comment on what exactly those expenses were for.

Republican politicians and interest groups have rented out Trump proprieties on a regular basis over the past year, netting $160,000 for the Trump Organization. The RNC already has more events planned at Trump properties in May.

Meanwhile, those properties are also making money from the federal government. The Secret Service has paid tens of thousands of dollars in golf cart rentals to the Trump Organization.

And foreign governments are also spending at these properties in a transparent attempt to curry favor with Trump. One former Mexican ambassador claimed the State Department itself encourages foreign diplomats to do so.

Amid allegations that these kinds of payments violate the Constitution, the Trump Organization said it would donate foreign profits, but has offered few details.

Trump promised at the start of his presidency to divest from his business ventures. But he never did. While his two adults sons are ostensibly in charge of running the family business now, they have done nothing to ameliorate financial conflicts.

Trump's flagrant disregard of ethics to mix the government's business with his personal profits has been increasingly disturbing. That the Republican Party is cheerfully complicit in enriching Trump while he holds the highest office in the land is immeasurably worse.