RNC won't return money from alleged predator Steve Wynn unless he's 'found guilty'


They're holding on to dirty money as tightly as they can.

The same Republicans who demanded Democrats return donations from Harvey Weinstein are now holding on tight to the cash they got from accused sexual predator Steve Wynn.

Ever since news broke that Wynn faces multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, the RNC — where he had been finance chair until his resignation over the weekend — has been under increasing pressure to return the money he raised for the party. Even former RNC spokesman Sean Spicer has said the party should return the money.

But current RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel made it clear Tuesday that she has no intention of doing so in the near future.

"If he is found guilty of any wrongdoing, we'll return 100 percent of that money," McDaniel told Fox News host Sandra Smith Tuesday. "But we'll let due process take place."

McDaniel noted that Wynn has denied the allegations and set a very high bar for the return of the funds.

McDaniel also tried to claim credit for Wynn's sudden departure from the RNC.

"We removed him as finance chair," she said, but it was Wynn who resigned after a day of blistering news coverage.

So far, the sole investigation is an internal probe by the board of directors of Wynn Resorts, which will last for an undetermined amount of time and won't result in any court verdict, guilty or otherwise.

The only consistency Republicans have shown on this issue is consistent lies and hypocrisy. They demanded the return of donations even as their own party remains firmly supportive of admitted sexual predator Donald Trump. Trump campaign senior adviser and daughter-in-law Lara Trump said of Wynn, "We're sad to see him go."

Wynn is also a longtime friend of Trump's who has privately dined with him at the White House five times since Trump took office. Trump's only comment on Wynn so far was to "like" a tweet from the Wall Street Journal about the allegations against Wynn.

The RNC can pretend to distance itself from Wynn all it wants, but it's clearly not willing to distance itself from all of his money.