RNC's new spokesperson is a birther who defended Trump's sexual assault claims


The Republican National Committee is embracing its ugliest side with the hiring of a prominent Trump apologist, conspiracy theorist, and birther to be the party's new spokesperson.

Donald Trump, who devoted years of his life to spreading the vicious and overtly racist birther conspiracy theory about President Barack Obama, has a new friend at the Republican National Committee.

The official organization and fundraising arm of Trump's own party just hired the sexist and racist Kayleigh McEnany as its new spokesperson.

McEnany got her start as an intern in George W. Bush's White House and then as a producer on Mike Huckabee's TV show on Fox News. Up until last week, she was a regular contributor to CNN, where she regularly appeared to defend and praise Trump.

Over the weekend, she made news by appearing in a pro-Trump propaganda video that she laughably described as "real news" to combat the supposed "fake news" about Trump's failing presidency.

The 29-year-old commentator is also the editor and founder of something called "Real Reagan Conservative."

Among some of McEnany's more infamous work is her stream of baseless attacks against Obama. Earlier this year, for example, she expressed her disgust on CNN at Obama because he "rushed off to a golf game" after journalist Daniel Pearl was beheaded — in 2002.

She has for years pushed the birther lie on Twitter, as well as other conspiracy theories from the fringiest corners of the right-wing internet, including an absurd story from World Net Daily that Obama accepted money from Osama bin Laden.

She has also spent plenty of time blasting feminism in general, claiming what women want most is the "end of the feminist movement" and that calls for equal pay are a "joke" because "women are doing just fine."

In October 2016, after the "Access Hollywood" tape on which Trump bragged about sexual assault emerged, she really demonstrated her anti-feminist credentials by defending Trump's boast of grabbing women without their consent.

She said that Trump was "not condoning sexual assault" because he asserted that "when you're a star, they let you do it." That "let," according to McEnany, "implies consent," even though Trump also said he doesn't even wait to start kissing and grabbing women.

With such a devotion to absurd spin on Trump's behalf, it's not exactly a surprise that McEnany landed a job spinning for the GOP. RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel applauded the hire, saying McEnany "will be an integral part of our Party's ongoing commitment to promoting the Republican message to Americans across the country.

That message apparently is one of racism and defense of sexual assault.

It's clear that despite some Republicans occasionally trying to distance themselves from Trump's more toxic rhetoric and policies, the GOP officially has no problem with it at all.