GOP senator on Trump immigration ban: 'I don't necessarily see how that helps the economy'


Donald Trump has used the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse for another crackdown on immigrants.

From the April 22 edition of Fox Business' "Mornings with Maria":

MARIA BARTIROMO, Host: President Trump is announcing now that he plans to bar legal immigrants with green cards from entering the country for at least 60 days in an effort to protect American jobs, he said, amidst this pandemic. Exceptions, he said, will be made for certain temporary workers with nonimmigrant visas, including seasonal farm laborers.


Senator, your reaction to this and the president's most recent plans to stop immigration for 60 days.


SEN. ROB PORTMAN (R-OH): Well, I'm glad it's temporary, because I don't see how that necessarily helps the economy right now. Because we do need some of these people who have skills, you know, who are providing help to our economy.


But I don't think there's much immigration going on anyway, to be honest with you, right now, because things have really slowed down, and Customs and Border Protection has a lot of other priorities.

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