Whoops! GOP compares their Senate nominee to pedophile nominee who lost


Republicans compared Marsha Blackburn, their own Senate nominee in Tennessee, to notorious pedophile Roy Moore.

The Senate campaign arm of the Republican Party compared Tennessee candidate Marsha Blackburn to pedophile Roy Moore in a recent email blast. Moore famously lost his own Senate bid in Alabama.

The comparison came in the course of an attack on Phil Bredesen, who is the Democratic candidate for Tennessee's Senate seat.

In an email, the National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) used the subject line "BEWARE: Tennessee's Doug Jones" in reference to Bredesen. Within the body of the email statement, the NRSC said Bredesen "sounds a lot like another out-of-place Democratic Senator, Doug Jones."

Jones currently represents Alabama in the Senate, and if Bredesen is Jones, then Blackburn must be Roy Moore, who lost to the Democrat.

Moore had the wholehearted backing of Trump and the rest of the Republican Party, even as multiple credible claims of pedophilia emerged.

The Republican preyed on four teenage girls when he was an adult, and reportedly sexually molested one of them.

Moore went on to lose to Jones by 1.7 percent, marking the first time in 20 years that the state has been represented by a Democrat.

In their zeal to attack Bredesen, the party inadvertently threw its own nominee under the bus with the comparison to the notorious nominee.

The race is close, with Blackburn holding on to a miniscule lead of 0.5 percent in the latest polls, well within the margin of error.

Comparing your own nominee to a pedophile likely won't help matters in a year when Republicans need all the help they can get.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.