Roy Moore: 'Maybe Putin is right. Maybe he's more akin to me than I know'


On top of everything else, Roy Moore now appears to trust the Russian president over America.

There is quite enough known about Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore to utterly disqualify him from public office — from his serial pursuit of teenage girls, to his belief the Bible overrules the Constitution, to his conviction that America was only “great” under slavery.

But on top of all that, Moore considers himself more aligned with Russian President Vladimir Putin than he does with America.

In an interview with a Guardian reporter in August, Moore said this very openly:

REPORTER: [Ronald Reagan] said that Russia was the focus of evil in the modern world.

MOORE: Could say that very well about America, couldn’t you?

REPORTER: You thinking?

MOORE: Well, we promote a lot of bad things, you know.


MOORE: Same-sex marriage.

REPORTER: That’s the very argument that Vladimir Putin makes.

MOORE: Well, then maybe Putin is right. Maybe he’s more akin to me than I know.

For the record, Putin’s government has been bankrolling the brutal civil war in Syria, which is arguably a far worse thing to be promoting than two consenting adults of the same sex starting a family.

But Moore may well have a point when he says that Putin’s political beliefs are not that far from his own.

A hard right-winger, Putin himself has a pathological hatred of gays, which has led him to pass a sweeping law making it an imprisonable office in Russia to promote “gay propaganda.”

Putin, like Moore, is also a masterful manipulator of anti-America rhetoric, often changing the conversation to the United States whenever confronted with the atrocities committed by his own government — exactly as Moore did in this interview.

if Moore was running for office in Russia, this would be a perfectly fine speech. Since he is running in the United States, it is completely unacceptable. The people of Alabama should pick someone who actually supports their own country.