Roy Moore tries to overturn election because black people voted


Losing Senate candidate and accused pedophile Roy Moore wants to void the Alabama election results, citing an "unusual" number of black voters.

Some people simply do not know when to give up. One such person is rejected Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Faced with accusations that he stalked and molested teenage girls, as well as his views that women and Muslims should be ineligible for office and that America has not been “great” since the abolition of slavery, Moore lost a race that should have been completely safe for Republicans to Democrat Doug Jones, a former U.S. attorney and civil rights hero.

But Moore has refused to concede the race. And on Thursday morning, he filed an emergency motion in state circuit court to block the results from being certified, alleging widespread voter fraud and calling for a new election.

One of the principal arguments Moore is making to support his claim of voter fraud is that an “unusual” number of black people voted:

Moore’s complaint also falsely asserts that the results are suspiciously different from exit polls, and claims that there was an “unexplained pattern of voters with out-of-state drivers’ licenses,” based on the uncorroborated testimony of a single poll worker at a church in Montgomery.

It is in Moore’s nature to refuse to abandon causes that he has already lost, as evidenced by the fact that he was fired from the state supreme court for violating the Constitution, then re-elected and fired again.

All of this would simply be amusing if it were not for the fact that Moore has spent the past few weeks fundraising for his “Election Integrity Fund.” Moore is trying to scam real people out of their money to support his delusions.

Jones, the man who defeated Moore earlier this month, released a statement excoriating Moore’s lawsuit as a “desperate attempt” to “subvert the will of the people.” But he was not alone — Republicans joined the call for Moore to let it go.

New Jersey Republican Rep. Leonard Lance blasted Moore’s complaint as “ridiculous,” saying “he should concede the election.” Alabama’s GOP Secretary of State John Merrill, whose job it was to manage the election, agreed. When asked if the lawsuit would make a difference, he said “The short answer to that is no. Doug Jones will be certified today.”

After they stuck by him through overt racism and pedophilia, Roy Moore is finally becoming the embarrassment to the Alabama Republican Party that he should have been all along.