Giuliani briefs Trump on Ukraine trip to dig up dirt on Biden


Giuliani's return coincided with a House Judiciary Committee vote to approve articles of impeachment against Trump for pressuring Ukraine to investigate his political rival.

In a stunning split-screen Friday morning, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani briefed Donald Trump about his continued attempts to get Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, just as the House Judiciary Committee finalized articles of impeachment against Trump for that very effort.

Giuliani was seen at the White House Friday morning, minutes after the Judiciary Committee voted along party lines on two articles of impeachment against Trump: one for abuse of power related to Trump's efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rivals by withholding military aid to the country and leveraging a coveted White House visit, and another for obstruction of justice for blocking testimony and evidence during the impeachment inquiry.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday morning that Giuliani has been briefing Trump on a recent trip he took to Ukraine to dig up more dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

According to the outlet,

When he returned to New York on Saturday, the president called him as his plane was still taxiing down the runway, Mr. Giuliani said. “‘What did you get?’” he said Mr. Trump asked. “More than you can imagine,” Mr. Giuliani replied.

Giuliani was reportedly working on a 20-page report on his findings, according to the Journal. It's unclear whether he brought that report to the White House on Friday.

The former New York City mayor is reportedly under federal investigation for his actions in Ukraine. He has been accused of working as an unregistered foreign agent as he helped Trump try and block American military aid to Ukraine, in order to use it as leverage to force the country into announcing an investigation into Trump's rivals.

There is no evidence to support claims that the Bidens were directly involved in any wrongdoing in Ukraine.

Republican lawmakers themselves supported former Vice President Biden's efforts to oust a corrupt prosecutor in Ukraine, who had been slow-walking investigations into a number of companies, including an energy company on whose board Hunter Biden sat previously. GOP lawmakers now claim Biden's push to remove that investigator — whose replacement launched their own probes into the company — is worth investigating.

According to the Daily Beast, the "investigation" Giuliani conducted in Ukraine this month was carried out in conjunction with the pro-Trump network One American News, a far-right outlet. Giuliani interviewed a number of "odious and discredited" Ukrainians for the project, the Daily Beast reported.

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