Giuliani compares defending Trump in court to defending 'terrorists'


Rudy Giuliani's law license was suspended in the state of New York over his 'professional misconduct.'

Responding to his recent suspension from practicing law in the state of New York, Rudy Giuliani on Saturday compared his work as former President Donald Trump's lawyer to that of lawyers defending terrorists who "have killed innocent people."

A panel of judges of the New York Supreme Court determined in June that Giuliani had violated the New York Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers by making false claims that there had been fraud in the 2020 presidential election win by Joe Biden and that "false statements made by respondent constitute uncontroverted proof of respondent's professional misconduct."

In its decision, the panel pointed out, "Respondent repeatedly represented to the court that his client, the plaintiff, was pursuing a fraud claim, when indisputably it was not. ... Respondent's mischaracterization of the case was not simply a passing mistake or inadvertent reference. Fraud was the crown of his personal argument before the court that day."

Appearing on Trinity Broadcasting's "Huckabee," Giuliani said, "You've got to represent sometimes very, very controversial causes. Somebody has to do it, and if I get appointed, I'll do it." Trump "is entitled to representation — I mean, he's a citizen of the United States, and he's entitled to vigorous representation.

"You have to give your client the benefit of the doubt. ... you have to see it in the light most favorable to your client," Giuliani told host Mike Huckabee. "Now if that offends the New York Times or the Bar Association, I mean, tough luck. It offends me sometimes when people represent terrorists, who, you know, have killed innocent people. But I understand it and I accept it and I wouldn't want to do it, but if I was required to do it I would."

In the course of filing suits aimed at overturning Biden's win, Giuliani echoed his client's false claims when he repeatedly argued about the results of the election, including promoting conspiracy theories that votes were stolen or rigged.

Giuliani, who previously served as mayor of New York City and as a U.S. attorney, has continued to defend his election falsehoods despite the suspension of his law license and has continued to promote conspiracy theories about Biden and his family in media appearances and on his YouTube channel.

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