Giuliani insists Trump is pleased with what a mess he's made


Someone is in denial about Rudy Giuliani's performance.

Even as Trump is reportedly nearing the end of his patience with Rudy Giuliani's disastrous media blitz, Giuliani says Trump is encouraging him to do more.

On Tuesday morning, NBC News' Kristen Welker confronted Giuliani with those reports during a telephone interview, asking, "Is the president frustrated with some of your TV appearances?"

"No, the president is encouraging me do more of them," Giuliani said. "I try to keep 'em under control. I just did one on Sunday even though we had about four requests.


"No, the president feels that the TV interviews have organized his supporters, and those who are — who understand the way in which he's been very badly treated in this situation from the very beginning," Giuliani said.

But White House insiders expect Giuliani's stint as Trump's mouthpiece to "burn out" quickly, after a disastrous five days of public statements by Giuliani. Trump himself even had to come out and affectionately rebut Giuliani last Thursday. And on Monday, Trump's State Department sharply rebuked Giuliani for falsely announcing the impending release of hostages from North Korea.

But Giuliani insists Trump feels "pretty good" about the situation, which may also be true. Trump cultivates a faux tough-guy image, but has repeatedly shown himself unwilling to personally deliver bad news to subordinates. Most recently, he fired VA Secretary David Shulkin via Twitter just hours after having spoken to him by phone, never mentioning the firing.

It is entirely possible that Trump is too cowardly to tell his pal Rudy to pipe down, all the while simultaneously venting behind Giuliani's back.

Giuliani's showing no sign of getting the message that's filtering out to the media from the White House though, so it might not be long before Giuliani finds himself the subject of a surprising tweet and some parting well wishes.