Giuliani basically confirms Trump made more payoffs to hide scandals


According to Rudy Giuliani, there are 'probably a few other situations that might have been considered campaign expenses' in addition to the Stormy Daniels payment.

America may be on the verge of learning about a slew of Trump payoffs made behind closed doors, based on another slip of the tongue from his lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

While in the midst of admitting that Trump was aware of the six-figure payoff to porn star Stormy Daniels, Giuliani told the Washington Post that Trump reimbursed his personal fixer Michael Cohen for the payout "over a period of time, probably in 2017, probably all paid back by the end of 2017."

But he then noted that funneling funds to Daniels via Cohen wasn't the only purpose of their interactions. Giuliani indicated there were "probably a few other situations that might have been considered campaign expenses."

That statement suggests more shoes are ready to drop, further embarrassing Trump and continuing to raise legal questions about how his campaign funds were used.

A previous interview with David Schwartz, currently serving as Cohen's personal attorney, hinted at more payoffs to be discovered.

Schwartz told CNN's Erin Burnett that while working for Trump, the Daniels payoff was not an isolated incident. He explained, "There were a ton of matters that Michael fixed."

Trump has openly lied about the payoffs to Daniels, and his overarching reputation is to repeatedly lie and mislead about nearly everything under the sun.

What we now known about the pre-election payoffs was not, in fact, volunteered by Trump. Instead we found out via reporting and accidental admissions from his underlings.

The likelihood of other Trump payoff targets is high, and it is already known that his allies who own the National Enquirer tabloid paid off other sources to kill unflattering Trump stories.

The question of who Trump paid off, and why he went to that extreme, is of vital importance. It raises the question of blackmail and outside influence on the presidency and what other skeletons are hiding in his fixer's closet.

Trump desperately wants Cohen to shut up as he deals with the legal fallout from Cohen's role in the Trump inner circle. Are these the inside stories Trump is angling to hide?

Trump won't come out and admit to any of it, but everyone is watching as the walls cave in.