Russians targeted Tim Kaine, now he's warning America


Sen. Tim Kaine slammed Donald Trump for being "deeply insecure," leading up to firing FBI Director James Comey as part of a pattern of attempts to hide the fallout of ongoing investigations of Russian election tampering.

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) struck out against Donald Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey in the midst of the agency's investigation into the Trump administration's ties with Russia, which Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called "a cover-up."

During an appearance on Morning Joe, Kaine described Trump as "deeply insecure" and "very concerned" about the Russia investigation, and suggested that was his true reason for purging Comey.

Kaine argued that Trump's latest move means an independent special prosecutor must be appointed to investigate Trump and Russia.


KAINE: This is a pattern that's stacking up. And the other thing that was really unusual, I know you guys spotted this, the letter that President Trump wrote had a tell in it like a bad poker player who's facial expression tells you what they're worried about.

When he says this in this quick letter we're letting you go, but thanks for telling me three times that I wasn't subject of an investigation about my Russian ties, that shows a deeply insecure president, who is very, very concerned about this investigation and that's the reason that Jim Comey got fired, and we've got to get to the bottom of this. Special prosecutor is needed.

Kaine also explained, during an appearance on Good Morning America, that Trump's behavior is part of a pattern.

"Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates went to the White House," Kaine said, "and said Gen. Flynn was compromised by and lying about Russia and then she was fired." He cited Michael Flynn's removal after his Russia ties became public, then Attorney General Jeff Sessions being pushed to recuse himself after lying about meeting Russian officials.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You've heard the administration's rationale for firing James Comey. Do you buy it?

KAINE: No, George, I don't. This is a firing that is an attempt to obstruct the investigation into ties between Russia and the Trump campaign. And I'll tell you why I strongly believe that: There's a pattern. Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates went to the White House and said General Flynn was compromised by him lying about Russia, and then she was fired. When Flynn's ties with Russia were finally made available to the public, he got fired.

Jeff Sessions was caught misleading the Senate Judiciary Committee, about his ties with Russia, he had to recuse himself, and now the FBI director, in the middle of an investigation into the Trump ties with Russia, gets fired in a most unusual manner, there's a pattern here, there's more to come, and we need a special prosecutor.

As the Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2016, few were in as close proximity to Russia's election meddling as Kaine. Coupled with his assessment of Trump's behavior and call for a special prosecutor, he should not be ignored.