Even Sarah Sanders knows Mexico paying for Trump's wall is a joke


Sarah Huckabee Sanders couldn't even keep a straight face trying to spin for Trump and his ridiculous wall.

Even after a week away from reporters, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders wasn't quite prepared to get back to lying for Trump.

During her first full White House briefing in a week, Sanders was caught off guard when ABC News' Cecilia Vega asked about Trump's apparent plan to have the military pay for his border wall.

Sanders said she couldn't get into "specifics" about the vague plan that Trump tweeted over the weekend, but assured Vega that the wall will be built.

"Isn't it true, at this point, that Mexico is just not going to pay for that wall?" Vega asked.

Sanders couldn't even keep a straight face when she answered. "I'm not going to go beyond what the president has already said. I think he still has plans to look at potential ways for that to happen."

Asked what "plans" Trump is considering, Sanders said, "When we have an announcement on that, I'll let you know."

Aside from the fact that Sanders had literally just finished commenting on Trump's plan to have the military pay for the wall, the Mexico lie was exposed just days into Trump's presidency when his speech and executive order on the wall made no mention of Mexico paying. The Trump administration hasn't been able to keep its story straight since then.

And of course Mexico has said repeatedly, since long before Trump took office, that it has no intention of paying for his wall.

Now the Trump administration is simultaneously bragging that the wall is being funded, while complaining that the wall isn't being funded. And Trump is using the lack of funding as an excuse to block a fix to DACA, the program that keeps young immigrants known as Dreamers from being deported.

Meanwhile, the majority of Americans are decidedly unhappy with Trump's border wall, and with his insistence on holding Dreamers hostage to it.

Trump has never had a real "plan" to make Mexico pay for his wall. And while his press secretary might be willing to stand in front of the press and lie for him, she knows it's not true.