Sarah Huckabee Sanders: 'It is very biblical' to tear families apart


Sarah Huckabee Sanders says the Trump administration can rip immigrant families apart because the Bible says so.

The Trump administration is using the bible to justify its callous policy of ripping immigrant families apart.

Policy initiated by the Trump administration has even led to infants being taken away from their mothers as they nurse. And the administration has plans to hold these children in tent cities.

In the daily White House briefing, CNN reporter Jim Acosta asked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to respond to comments from Attorney General Jeff Sessions citing the bible as justification for the attack on families.

"Where does it say in the Bible that it's moral to take children away from their mothers?" he asked.

Sanders replied, "It is very biblical to enforce the law, that is repeated a number of times throughout the bible."

The Trump administration chose to begin pushing prosecutions at the border and said at the time they hoped family separations would deter border crossers. Since then, backlash has risen, including from Catholic bishops, who have blasted the assault on families.

Trump tried to blame it on Democrats. Sanders was challenged on this point as well, but refused to concede to reality and instead kept up her deception.

Trump chose to go after immigrant families. Backlash is rising as Americans see what is being done to these vulnerable people, with trauma heaped on top of indignity.

Rather than face up to what they've done, the Trump team is hiding behind the Bible.