Sarah Sanders goes on Fox to viciously attack reporter with absurd lie


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders once again tried to smear reporter April Ryan.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders still seems to feel zero remorse after being exposed in special counsel Robert Mueller's report as the pathological liar everyone already knew she was.

Instead of apologizing for lying to America, Sanders appeared on Fox News' morning propaganda show "Fox & Friends" to spew more lies and vitriol against reporters who have rightfully called out Sanders' shameful conduct.

"I have had reporters say a lot of things about me. They’ve said I should be choked. They’ve said I deserve a lifetime of harassment," Sanders said Monday morning on "Fox & Friends."

"I certainly never had anybody say I should be decapitated — this takes us to a new low even for the liberal media," Sanders continued. "It once again proves why this journalist isn’t taken seriously."

Of course, Sanders is lying. No one called for her to be "decapitated."

She seems to be referring to comments from April Ryan, a reporter and CNN analyst who called for Sanders to be fired and for media outlets to stop letting Trump aides come on air to lie to the public.

"Not only does she not have credibility, she lied," Ryan said last week on CNN after Mueller's report exposed Sanders as a liar. "She out and out lied. And the people — the American people can’t trust her. They can’t trust what’s said from the President’s mouthpiece, spokesperson from the people’s house. Therefore, she should be let go. She should be fired, end of story. When there is a lack of credibility there, you have to start — and start lopping the heads off. It’s Fire-Me Thursday or Fire-Me Good Friday. She needs to go."

No one with a modicum of intelligence would interpret Ryan's comments as a call for Sanders to be decapitated. She was using a common figure of speech to refer to firing people.

Yet Sanders is going over the top trying to play the victim when she deserves absolutely zero sympathy from anyone — something she has a long habit of doing.

After last year's White House Correspondents' Association dinner, when comedian Michelle Wolf made a joke about Sanders' lies, Sanders got the media to play into a narrative that the joke was actually about her looks.

This isn't even the first time Sanders or other White House officials have tried to smear April Ryan — a prominent black journalist.

Back in November 2017, Sanders called Ryan "disgusting" for questioning why Sanders wouldn't unequivocally condemn slavery.

And in January 2018, Lynne Patton, a patently unqualified Trump administration official, called Ryan "miss piggy" after Ryan called out racist comments Trump has made.

Ryan has even received death threats after Sanders and other White House officials have spoken out against her.

The bottom line is that Sanders is a liar, and Ryan was right to say that a proven liar like Sanders should never be allowed to speak for the White House ever again.

Sanders' attempt to smear Ryan and steer more hate Ryan's way is just another stain on her already irreparably damaged reputation.

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