Sarah Sanders actually called Kavanaugh's angry rants 'heartbreaking'


Trump's White House is having a very hard time explaining away Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's compelling testimony.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's testimony this week was so compelling that even Trump had to admit she was "very credible." But Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders shut down any notion that the White House actually believes Ford, and claimed that Brett Kavanaugh's unhinged, belligerent testimony was "equally heartbreaking."

On this week's edition of "Fox News Sunday," host Mike Wallace repeatedly pressed Sanders about Trump's comments.

"What did the president find 'compelling' and 'credible' about Dr. Ford's testimony?" Wallace asked.

While Sanders admitted that Ford's testimony "evoked some emotion," she also cast doubt on Ford's story by questioning whether it was actually Kavanaugh who attacked her.

Wallace pressed Sanders on that point, asking how Trump can "explain that she could be so credible and so specific in putting Kavanaugh and ... one of his best friends, Mark Judge, in that room — and be wrong about it?"

"I don't think anyone of us can know 100 percent," Sanders admitted. She added that Ford's testimony "is heartbreaking, and it's heart-wrenching to watch it. I've watched it a number of times."

But then Sanders claimed that Kavanaugh's testimony was "equally heartbreaking," and that Democrats and the media were to blame for "destroy[ing]" both Kavanaugh and Ford.

Sanders also discussed how the allegations have affected Kavanaugh's family. But while it would indeed be difficult to have one's father or husband credibly accused of sexual assault by multiple women, it's not the fault of Democrats or the media that those allegations exist.

And it's simply absurd for Sanders to claim that Kavanaugh's testimony itself was "heartbreaking."

Kavanaugh's lengthy opening statement was a 45-minute partisan meltdown in which he practically foamed at the mouth while angrily spouting conspiracy theories about the Clintons and the Democrats.

The remainder of Kavanaugh's testimony was no better. He told the committee a series of obvious lies while under oath, and even attacked Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) when she questioned him about his drinking.

By contrast, Ford's testimony was riveting and straightforward. She said she was "100 percent sure" that it was Kavanaugh who attacked her — which means that when Sanders claims Ford simply misidentified her attacker, Sanders is also accusing Ford of lying.

Ford also described the lifetime of trauma she experienced after the assault, which prompted her to insist on the installation of a second front door to her home in 2012.

According to a striking analysis by Vox of Ford's and Kavanaugh's testimony, Ford made an honest effort to answer every single question that she was asked. Kavanaugh, on the other hand, repeatedly dodged questions, either by refusing to answer them at all or by giving an irrelevant answer that didn't actually address the question.

It is outrageous for Sanders to suggest that Kavanaugh and Ford have had "equally heartbreaking" experiences.

Christine Blasey Ford experienced an assault during which she was convinced Kavanaugh might accidentally kill her, which caused lifelong trauma.

Kavanaugh is faced with the possibility he might not gain a position of power to which he feels entitled.

No decent person's heart should be breaking for Brett Kavanaugh.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.