Sarah Sanders hides from press so long her lectern literally collects dust


It's been so long since Sanders gave a daily press briefing that her lectern has gathered a thick coating of dust.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has neglected her duties for so long that the lectern from which she's supposed to deliver daily press briefings is gathering dust. Literally.

It's been 67 days since Sanders held her last briefing — an evasive and useless display back on March 11.

Since then, a ton has happened that the White House should have to answer questions about, including the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's bombshell report, Trump's reckless trade war, and ratcheted up rhetoric on an actual war with Iran, among other things.

Since the March 11 briefing, Sanders admitted that she willfully lies from the press room — an admission even she couldn't spin in her favor. She also attempted to purge the briefing room of reporters she didn't like, yet another cowardly move to avoid doing her job and answering tough questions.

To be fair, Sanders did have one briefing, but it was a fake one for children of the press corps — and she even attempted to make it off the record. It appeared Sanders was too afraid to answer truthfully about her "favorite color" and "favorite dinosaur."

Reporters on Friday noticed the gathering dust, and that a staffer had come in to wipe the lectern down.

Still, there was still no sign that Sanders had any intention of facing the press and answering questions — shirking a major duty she's compensated to do by the American taxpayer.

Rather than face tough questions from the entire press corps, Sanders has instead hidden from the lectern and offered up interviews to Fox News — the friendly cable network that shills for Trump and Republicans.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.