Vulnerable Republican blasted as 'cold-hearted' by former GOP colleague


Scott Perry is a fringe hyper-partisan, says Republican and former Pennsylvania lawmaker Steve Nickol. Nickol endorsed Democrat George Scott.

Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) "spends too much time promoting baseless conspiracy theories and Freedom Caucus hyper-partisanship and too little time addressing the real challenges that people are facing every day."

Those harsh words didn't come from Perry's Democratic opponent or an outside liberal group. Rather, the author is Steve Nickol, a Republican and former state lawmaker who formerly served alongside Perry in the Pennsylvania state legislature.

Nickol took to the pages of the York Daily Record to help voters understand Perry's fringe, cold-hearted positions — and to endorse Perry's Democratic opponent, George Scott.

Nickol supported Perry's first run for Congress in 2012, and even donated to the campaign. Nickol hoped Perry would serve as a reasonable, moderate Republican.

But Perry failed, letting down those who once supported him.

"I have watched in disappointment as Mr. Perry has repeatedly aligned himself with the Freedom Caucus, the most hyper-partisan faction in Congress," Nickol writes.

Specifically, Nickols lambasted Perry's vote to privatize Medicare, his opposition to the Violence Against Women Act, his opposition to ensuring maternal care is recognized as an essential health benefit, and his multiple votes "to allow insurance companies to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions."

Mr. Perry has failed to demonstrate bipartisanship on these critically important issues of public policy, purportedly in the name of 'conservatism.' As a former elected Republican, I take great issue with this characterization. These policy positions are not conservative. They are cold-hearted.

Perry's cold-heartedness is also demonstrated by his reaction to Trump's family separation policy. Perry repeatedly defended the unconscionable actions of the Trump administration, and even lamented a federal policy that states children can only be detained for 20 days.

Even though the district leans Republican, Perry's extreme views may be playing a role in keeping the race with Scott very close. The latest poll showed a virtual tie between the candidates.

As the midterm approaches, voices like Nickol's place Perry well outside the mainstream of Republican values.

"George is a reformer and an independent voice who cannot be bought," Nickols says. "I support George Scott wholeheartedly. He has the integrity and compassion to be a champion for the people of the 10th District."