Sean Hannity demands Pennsylvania keep holding elections until Trump wins


Hannity is demanding a 'do-over.'

Sean Hannity demanded on Thursday that Pennsylvania revote so Donald Trump can win the state and its 20 electors.

The Fox News host and friend of Donald Trump baselessly claimed on his television show that the state's election was riddled with fraud and should be simply ignored.

"The only remedy I would see, at that point, is they did it and they violated the law. Nobody can testify to the legitimacy of what their counting was. A do-over in that state," he urged. "By the way, something that has never been done in a presidential election."

There has been no evidence at all the Democrats are cheating or rigging the election in Pennsylvania, where Joe Biden now holds a lead that is expected to grow as the remaining ballots are counted.

There is also no provision in the Constitution — nor in federal law — that would allow for Trump to get a "do-over" presidential election, in Pennsylvania or any other state.

Trump supporters, for their part, were exposed on Friday for an apparent scheme to push Pennsylvania voters to send in absentee ballots after the legal deadline — possibly in hopes of then crying fraud if the votes were counted.

"This seems deeply stupid as it seems to be a solicitation to commit voter fraud," election law expert Rick Hasen told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "It's hard to believe this is real."

Early Friday morning, a new tranche of ballots were counted, giving Biden a more than 5,000 vote advantage. If he wins Pennsylvania, he will have enough electors to become president-elect.

On Thursday, several Trump supporters suggested that GOP state legislatures should mount a coup and overturn their states' election results. Donald Trump Jr. retweeted a right-wing radio host's false claim that legislators could retroactively change the method of elector section now.

On Thursday night, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) endorsed this illegal scheme as worth keeping "on the table."

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